The MXPM90 test solution aids with testing of PAM4/400G ethernet, 5G mobile communication systems and radar sensors.

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HUBER+SUHNER announces its MXPM90 test solution for frequencies up to 90 GHz.

  • Allows manufacturers to test their components with even greater accuracy 
  • Aids with testing of PAM4/400G ethernet, 5G mobile communication systems and automotive radar sensors
  • Offers extended bandwidth from DC up to 90 GHz
  • Provides extremely accurate results through high speed digital, bench-top and system testing, as well as internal wiring in automated test systems
  • Best-in-class integrity for data analysis up to 112 Gbps/90 GHz and beyond, making it a highly efficient solution for precise, repetitive measurements
  • Tight phase matching of single assemblies and broadband return and insertion loss characteristics across the entire bandwidth
  • High-density pitch down to the board, measuring 2.54 mm (0.1 in.) center-to-center, which positions the MXPM as close as possible to the chip to keep traces short for greater efficiency during test process 
  • Plug and play functionality guarantees trouble-free, user-friendly experience
  • Magnetic mount connection facilitates perfect transition between assembly and PCB socket
  • Automatic interface protection safeguards every single channel from mechanical damage when disconnected
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