Philippi-Hagenbuch Material Spreader Body

The Philippi-Hagenbuch Material Spreader Body can be used during all seasons to spread materials ranging in size from very fine to more than 2 in.

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Philippi-Hagenbuch (PHIL) announces the release of its Material Spreader Body, designed primarily for mining but with benefits in a variety of applications including construction, aggregates, quarries and landfills.

  • Eliminates need to purchase dedicated piece of sanding equipment 
  • Includes patented PHIL Rear-Eject Body coupled with Material Spreader attachment
  • Spreads road grit, sand or other material ranging in size from very fine to more than 2 in.
  • Operators can easily adjust material spreading width from about 15 ft. to more than 60 ft
  • Material spreading rate and width controlled from truck cab
  • Optional top-loading Grizzly Screen controls maximum size of material being spread
  • Ejector blade on Rear-Eject Body moves material to rear of body and into Cross Auger Channel
  • Auger gathers material to center of spreader and discharges it onto a set of Material Spinners for spreading
  • Adapts to year-round use as the spreader, adds traction to icy roads during the winter, and builds up and maintains haul roads in the spring and fall
  • During summer Rear-Eject Body hauls and spreads material
  • Installation or removal of Material Spreader attachment from Rear-Eject Body can be done within about two hours
  • Made with Hardox 450 steel and designed for maximum productivity
  • All components are made out of steel designed specifically for the mining industry, including Rear-Eject Body
  • Few moving parts contributes to less maintenance


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