Crary TF100 High Pressure Fan

Crary's TF100 features a large domed inlet screen for low restriction and inlet clearance.

Tf100 Fan
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Crary Industries announces the addition of the TF100 high pressure fan to its custom OEM and agricultural fan offerings.

  • Supports growing needs of large equipment
  • Slimmer design
  • Includes high-strength steel rotor, speed sensor capabilities, and integrated rear 4 target pickup and optional sensor
  • Features large domed inlet screen for low restriction and inlet clearance
  • Suits multiple industry applications and equipment placements
  • Durable, powder coat finish
  • High-strength construction ensures durability for off-highway applications
  • Engineered for high pressures and variety of operating points and options 
  • Maximum pressure air flow capability of over 100 in H2O of air pressure
  • Provides high pressure air streams
  • Capable of power in both positive (blowing) and negative (vacuum) applications
  • Optional vacuum configurations ensures ability to be tailored to specific uses
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