400F Tier 4 Compliant Engine

Perkins launches Tier 4 Final emissions compliant engines such as the compact but powerful 400F.

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Perkins launched its first Tier 4 Final emissions compliant engines at this year’s ConExpo exhibition. The 400F, the latest addition to the 400 Series range, meets Tier 4 Final / Stage IIIB regulations which come into force in January 2013 in the EPA above 19kW (25 hp) and in the EU above 37kW (49.5 hp).

  • Provides compact design with power of three and four cylinders 
  • Runs up to 45.5kW (61 hp)
  • Eases transition to Tier 4 with 97% carryover of components from previous Tier engine 
  • Compact design of aftertreatment, with flexible mounting arrangements, provides easy installation 
  • Aftertreatment uses passive regeneration, with active regeneration capability, effectively burning soot in diesel particulate filter with no impact on duty cycle
  • Requires ash service at a minimum of 3,000 hours which is typically equivalent to years of operation without servicing
  • Delivers improvements in fuel consumption to minimize running costs and heat rejection, giving improved ambient clearance
  • Features improved transient response, easy maintenance and serviceability, high fuel tolerance and reduced oil consumption
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