Confidant Series Engines

Kohler has introduced its Confidant Series engines offering a 19 to 25 hp range, and durably designed for use in various lawn and garden applications.

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Kohler Engines introduces its Confidant engine series. This vertical-shaft, V-twin engine line was carefully designed to meet the unique needs of both commercial equipment users and property owners.

  • Encompasses four models ranging from 19 to 25 hp
  • Recoil and electric start options are available,
  • Can be easily customized by OEMs for a variety of applications, including wide-area walk-behind and stand-on mowers, ZTRs, and high-end garden tractors 
  • Includes cast-iron cylinder liner to protect the engine in extreme operating conditions, dual-seal air filter to keep debris out of the engine; and high-torque inertia drive started with extra-large output for quick, reliable starting 
  • Pressure lubrication keeps critical parts protected
  • Features Kohler’s PRO Performance Filtration package, a heavy-duty professional filtration bundle that includes a 3,500 cm2 air filter, a 6.5 gram oil filter, and a 9-12 micron fuel filter
  • Includes Quiet Cam technology which consists of a rounded cam lobe and solid nylon gear that work together to help reduce sound levels
  • Optional cyclonic air filter is a heavy-duty filter that provides multiple stages of filtration for engine protection
  • Cyclonic filter screens air at the intake port, then enters a cleaning chamber where it is circulated in a rapid, cyclonic motion to remove larger contaminants
  • Specialty filter, which can be used in combination with a pre-cleaner, then removes any remaining contaminants to ensure only clean air enters the engine
  • High-impact nylon shroud and valve cover protect internal components when mowing around bushes and branches, and chopper grass screen guard prevents grass and debris build-up 
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