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Caterpillar Inc. introduces the Cat C3.4B, C4.4 ACERT and C6.6 ACERT, the three latest additions to the Cat Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB technology industrial engine line up.

  • C3.4B offers ratings from 60 - 115 bhp (45-86 bKw), high torque up to 310 lb.-ft. (420 Nm), common rail fuel injection system, smart waste-gated turbocharger, aftercooler
  • C4.4 ACERT provides 80-174 bhp (60-130 bKw), 4.4 liter, four-cylinder, 22% increase in power to 174 hp (130 bKw), single or series turbocharger, torque up to 553 lb.-ft. (750 Nm)
  • C6.6 ACERT is a 6.6 liter platform delivering 120-174 bhp (89-130 bKw), peak torque of up to 609 lb.-ft. (825 Nm) at low engine speedA vent that will fit your tank to help you meet EPA requirements.
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