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FPT of North America Inc., a Fiat Powertrain Technologies company, releases the F32 engine.
• Available in 74, 82 and 87 hp, rated at 2500 rpm, 4-cylinder in-line structure with 3.2 liter of total displacement
• Compliant with EPA Tier 3 / EU Stage 3A emission standards for non-road applications
• Lightweight, fuel efficient
• Sized for small, mobile equipment
• 2 valve per cylinder, cast iron cylinder head
• Mechanical injection system (Rotary Injection Pump)
• Turbocharged with or without aftercooler (TC, TCA)
• External cooled EGR or internal EGR versions
• "Non Structural" or "Structural" engine architectures
• Front & side PTO (Power Take Off) availability
• Balancer unit for best comfort in structural version
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