JCB 430 Diesel Engine

An efficient combustion system design enables the JCB 430 to meet Tier 4 emissions requirements without the use of exhaust aftertreatment.

Jcb Tier4430 Engine
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JCB Power Systems introduces the 3.0 L, 4-cylinder U.S. Tier 4 JCB 430 diesel engine to the North American OEM market.

  • Delivers increased power density and improved fuel economy
  • Compact dimensions for easier packaging within wide range of equipment
  • Offers 74 hp (55 kW) output at 2,200 rpm, with 325 lb.-ft. (440 Nm) of torque available at 1,150 rpm 
  • Provides 34% increase in power density over previous generation 444 Ecomax engine in a 24% smaller package
  • Delivers up to 8% fuel economy improvement, an estimated saving to customers of more than 277 U.S. gal. (1,050 L) of fuel per year
  • Features 37% reduction in sound power level.
  • Meets U.S. Tier 4 emissions legislation with no requirement for exhaust aftertreatment
  • Efficient and innovative combustion system design eliminates the need for DPF, SCR and DOC
  • Includes automatic valve clearance adjustment and auxiliary belt tensioning, gasket-free component sealing and simplified turbocharging as well as exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems
  • Oil filter services are set at 500 hours, with fuel filter intervals of up to 1,000 hours
  • Utilizes zero-maintenance crankcase ventilation system, further reducing downtime for regular service work
  • Compatible with livelink telematics for remote monitoring
  • Comes with an OEM plug-and-play harness for easier installation with an engine mounted mass air flow sensor to allow for fully flexible air cleaner and induction system design and integration
  • Features 45 degree gradeability in any direction
  • Designed specifically for arduous off-highway applications
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