Hatz Single-Cylinder Engine Receives Tier 4 Final Certification

The Hatz E1 engines are the first single-cylinder diesel engines with electronic injection and control to receive Tier 4 Final certification.

Hatz E1 Engine
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The Hatz E1 single-cylinder engines received its Tier 4 Final emissions certification at the beginning of January. Hatz says this is an important milestone for manufacturers looking to target the North American market. 

This is the first time that single-cylinder industrial diesel engines with electronic injection and control have been certified according to the currently valid U.S. standard EPA Tier 4 Final. The Hatz 1D90E engine is the peak performer of the range. At almost 11 kW (14 hp), it is the most powerful single-cylinder diesel in the world. Hatz 1B50E, 1B30E and 1B30VE cover the output ranges up to around 8 (11 hp) and 5 kW (6 hp) respectively with extremely compact dimensions.

A networked future

The E1 technology enables digitization of compact engines. It paves the way for a networked future for various machine types such as hand-guided machines, mobile light masts or power generators.

It will also provide availability of data on all engine performance characteristics, the possibility of round-the-clock localization, evaluation of equipment utilization or the ability to perform remote diagnostics and maintenance.

With all this, Hatz bridges the gap between engines that were once mechanically controlled and the requirements of modern, digitized companies.

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