Cummins ISX15 Engine

Cummins ISX15 engine designed for performance and fuel economy.

Isx15 10247656
Cumminslo 10108212

Cummins' ISX15 engine was designed to provide performance as well as fuel economy. A recent update to the engine delivers 6% fuel economy improvement with optimized combustion and improved calibrations when compared with the 2007 ISX engine.

  • Fuel system delivers precise quantity of fuel at ultra-high pressures and combines with electronic engine controls to enable multiple injection events per cycle
  • Single overhead cam lightens weight and simplifies operation
  • Turbocharger nhances response and control with electric actuation for infinite adjustment, providing exact boost at any rpm
  • Sliding-nozzle design of turbocharger increases reliability and durability
  • Lowers combustion temperatures for reduced emissions and optimized fuel economy
  • Electronic Control Module (ECM) controls everything from air intake to exhaust aftertreatment for peak performance and near-zero emissions
  • Enhances vehicle control with up to 600 bhp braking horsepower which reduces service brake wear
  • Particulate filter reduces particulate matter by over 90% and combines with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to meet emission standards while maintaining performance, reliability and durability


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