Worthington Industries Lightweight, Large Diameter Type III CNG Cylinder

At ACT Expo 2015, Worthington Industries introduced its lightweight, large diameter Type III CNG cylinder featuring an aluminum inner liner that dissipates heat during fast filling.

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Worthington Industries Inc. has introduced a lightweight, large diameter, 26.2-inch model compressed natural gas (CNG) cylinder which is the company's largest Type III CNG cylinder. 

  • Provides superior fast-fill efficiency
  • Inner aluminum liner dissipates heat during fast-filling, allowing for an additional 15 to 25% more fuel storage compared to Type IV cylinders of similar size  
  • Ideal for Class 8 heavy-duty and refuse trucks
  • Fills to rated capacity to make longer routes possible
  • Aluminum inner liner provides added safety of reducing the risk of flex or fracture in the outer composite reinforcement if an impact occurs   
  • Built to aircraft, railcar and watercraft CNG cylinder standards which are more stringent than typical over-the-road standards
  • Company's testing requires a minimum burst safety factor of 3.0 times the rated pressure, along with sidewall structure impact testing
  • Certified with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/Canadian Standards Association (CSA) NGV2 standard
  • Features gas-tight construction due to inner aluminum liner which prevents permeation
  • No filling restrictions in hot or cold weather
  • Aluminum liner provides better heat tolerance in the event of a fire, and transfers heat to the pressure relief device


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