KAMAZ and Gazprom partner to expand natural gas engine market

Russia-based KAMAZ has partnered with Gazprom to jointly develop and expand the gas engine fuel market.


Russian heavy-duty vehicle manufacturer OJSC KAMAZ (part of Rostec state corporation) and OJSC Gazprom recently reached an agreement to pursue the synchronous development of the gas engine fuel market. Other natural gas automotive equipment producers were also invited to the meeting held on April 22 at the central office of KAMAZ. Participants decided to create a natural gas vehicle (NGV) program that includes design and manufacture, testing and promotion.

Automakers will organize natural gas vehicles production and also take a share in operating companies’ production and natural gas vehicle technical facilities’ customization. Gazprom, in its turn, will coordinate gas engine infrastructure facilities construction and also contribute to gas engine transport testing. Specialized company Gazprom Gas Engine Fuel will act as a contractor.

The workshop resulted in the cooperation agreement signed by Sergey Kogogin, Director General of OJSC KAMAZ and Alexey Miller, Chairman of the board of OJSC Gazprom. Intention of Gazprom Group of companies to acquire KAMAZ vehicles and spare parts for its own use is reflected in the agreement. KAMAZ under the terms of the agreement will carry out aftersales service and automotive equipment repair.

Under terms therein, Gazprom will annually forward to KAMAZ plans for acquisition volumes and a list of required models. KAMAZ will promote delivery of all required spare parts and special tools, diagnostic equipment, service documentation and software, KAMAZ trucks, special equipment and training.

The Gazprom Gas Engine Fuel-sponsored Blue Corridor Rally which departed St. Petersburg on May 26 for Paris, where it will be officially received at the WGC 2015 event, includes KAMAZ vehicles. Rally repesentatives will be welcomed on Wednesday June 3, at noon, followed by a presentation session at 5:30.