Cummins Developing 15 Liter On-Highway Natural Gas Engine

Cummins has begun development of a 15 liter heavy-duty natural gas engine for use in on-highway applications.

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Cummins Inc. announces that it has begun development of a 15 liter heavy-duty, spark-ignited natural gas engine to meet demand for on-highway applications that are powered by the cheaper, cleaner and more plentiful fuel. As natural gas production grows in North America and the fuel becomes more readily available, Cummins believes that there is a strong market for engines powered by an alternative to diesel fuel.

"Cummins is committed to making the right investments in the technologies that strengthen our leadership position in natural gas," says Ed Pence, Cummins Vice President and General Manager - Heavy-Duty Engine Business.

Cummins has been investing significantly in the development of natural gas engines. In addition to its off-highway natural gas engines, Cummins is already producing on-highway spark-ignited natural gas engines for Cummins Westport, its joint venture with Westport Innovations in Vancouver, British Columbia. Engines offered by Cummins Westport range in size from 5.9 liters to the recently announced 12-liter ISX12 G, which will begin production in 2013.

The ISX15 G will be based on the industry-leading ISX15 diesel engine and will build on Cummins' technology leadership with spark-ignited, Stoichiometric cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (SEGR) technology. A simple, maintenance-free Three-Way Catalyst will be the only required exhaust aftertreatment. The engine will run on compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas or biomethane.

Cummins ISX15 G is expected to be in limited production by 2014.