Phillips and Temro displaying thermal systems at Mid-America Trucking Show

Phillips & Temro will exhibit it various thermal solutions, including the Idle Free Systems Electric APU and Arctic Fox Hydraulic Fluid Warmers at the Mid-America Trucking Show 2015.

Phillips & Temro Industries (PTI) will attend the Mid-America Trucking Show, the largest trucking industry event in the world, taking place March 26 to 28, 2015 in Louisville, KY. PTI, a global OEM and aftermarket provider of custom engineered thermal systems and solutions for trucking, automotive, oil and gas, off-road and EV/hybrid vehicles, will demonstrate its cold weather products for diesel trucks in booth #12057.

Cold weather and diesel engines present some unique challenges, but PTI has been keeping drivers moving and warm for over 90 years with its Arctic Fox Hydraulic Fluid Warmers, Hotline Electric In-Line Fuel Heaters; Zerostart and Temro branded cold weather starting products including Immersion Block Heaters, Oil Pan Heaters and Battery Warmers; and PTI’s newest brands - the Idle Free Systems Electric Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) and Heat System for Work Trucks.

Arctic Fox Hydraulic Fluid Warmers and Hotline Electric In-Line Fuel Heaters

Heating hydraulic fluid prior to operating equipment not only increases productivity because workers don't have to wait around, but also warm hydraulic fluid reduces pump wear and decreases the chances of pump cavitation and expense associated with blown seals that can result in unnecessary down time.

In-Line fuel warming is a proven, cost effective method of providing protection against downtime due to fuel gelling. Arctic Fox In-Line Fuel Heaters provide the margin of safety necessary in moderate cold weather temperatures. For extremely cold weather operation, combining them with In-Tank Fuel Warmers provide additional protection.

Zerostart Block Heaters, Oil Pan Heaters and Battery Warmers Immersion

Block heaters reduce engine wear by up to 50%. Warming the engine to achieve heat balance ensures a reliable start in cold weather conditions. Heat is also available more quickly to the passenger compartment. 

Oil Pan Heaters are designed to maintain oil viscosity in extreme environments. The heater is operated using AC power and can be used in either gas or diesel engines. Oil Pan Heaters can be used alone or in conjunction with other heating aids such as block heaters. 

Battery Warmers increase available cold cranking amps, reduce charge time and extend battery life.

Idle Free Systems Electric Auxiliary Power Unit

The Idle Free Electric APU is the most complete idle elimination system on the market today, and the only electric APU capable of meeting drivers’ needs without relying on the truck’s starting batteries. Unique to the Idle Free Electric APU is its ability to be powered three ways:

  • Independent battery bank consisting of four AGM batteries
  • Shorepower which is standard on every Idle Free system and allows drivers unlimited runtime
  • Reefer Link, Idle Free's proprietary, patented technology powered by the reefer. Idle Free is the only APU on the market that can be powered by the reefer. When connected, drivers will have unlimited runtime for the system.

The Idle Free APUs use a cooolant heater as a fully integrated component of the system providing heat for both the cab/bunk as well as pre-heating the engine block.

Idle Free Systems’ Heat System for Work Trucks 

The Idle Free Systems Heat System for Work Trucks provides up to eight hours of interior cab heat with the truck engine turned off. Unnecessary workday idling is eliminated, which Argonne National Laboratory reports consumes more fuel than overnight truck idling. The Work Truck No Idle Heat System, ideal for any municipal DOT, delivery, vocational and utility truck, uses a coolant heater to provide engine heat and interior cab heat. Additionally the system provides 12V electrical power for work truck functions, such as running lights or communication systems. An Engine Start Module (ESM), similar to an ultracapacitor, is fully integrated into the system and part of the unique design of the system can start the truck even if the truck batteries are dead.