FPT Debuts New Stage V NEF Series Engines at Agritechnica 2017

FPT's new Stage V NEF family has the same dimensions and layout as previous versions, but has been redesigned to provide an increase in power output.

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FPT Industrial presents its new Stage V NEF engine family at Agritechnica (Hannover, 12-18 November - Hall 16 - Stand C35). In a global debut, visitors can also discover the brand’s new PowerPack solution. Presented as "More Power", the new NEF Series engines are dedicated solutions for professional applications which require high productivity, top performance and low operating costs.

Developed to satisfy the most demanding productivity requirements of agricultural, construction and industrial missions, the NEF series is a mark of technological excellence for FPT Industrial since 2001, with more than 1.6 million engines produced. Featuring best-in-class power and torque, fuel efficiency and reliability, the NEF series stands out for its design flexibility, obtainable in 4 (N45) and 6 (N67) cylinder configurations, with non-structural and structural availability.

Introducing the new Stage V NEF family, FPT Industrial takes an additional step towards higher productivity. The engine dimensions and the layout are those of previous versions, however, the engine has been completely redesigned for increased performance, which is now up to 204 hp on the N45 (+15%) and up to 354 hp on the N67 (+13%). The result is a new Stage V NEF family which delivers best-in-class power and torque density (up to +15% versus competitors average in 6 L range).

New filters with increased capacity and clogging sensor are capable of best-in-class service intervals, up to 1,200 hours, a longer service interval than our competitors and twice the previous FPT Industrial interval. This new feature is a part of the innovative HI-eSCR2 aftertreatment system, which complies with Stage V regulations and guarantees a maintenance-free and active regeneration-free solution, contributes to low operating costs and avoids downtime during machine operation.

Proven and further enhanced EGR-free combustion together with additional improvements in fluid consumption, guarantee the fuel efficiency of the NEF Series, and leverage reduced friction for leading efficiency when compared to competitors using EGR and DPF. The lean design with no EGR and single stage turbocharging, available as fixed or variable geometry, is a made-to-last solution and ensures maximum reliability. Thanks to the compactness of HI-eSCR2, the FPT Industrial Stage V solution features unchanged packaging and the same cooling requirement as in Stage IV.

PowerPack, a smart installation package

Stage V legislation will bring a further reduction of emissions and extend regulation to stationary applications and power ranges currently at Stage IIIA, thus requiring a wide range of applications to upgrade to this next emission level. To allow easier emission compliance and machine upgrades, for both mobile and stationary applications, FPT Industrial introduces PowerPack, a new and smart installation solution, enclosing all key aftertreatment components into a single package. DOC, SCR-on-Filter, AdBlue injection system and all required sensors, together with manifolds, are included in a compact and pre-assembled pack, therefore avoiding the need for a dedicated exhaust system design. To better support a simpler final validation process, the pre-packed HI-eSCR2 solution, offers FPT Industrial’s pre-validated design in terms of fluid-dynamics, manifold layout and sensor positioning.

For increased installation flexibility, the after-treatment pack comes as an engine-mounted solution, providing a ready-to-use solution; or as a loose pack to allow OEMs to design a unique layout. In both cases, all electrical signals and connections are managed by a single cable for fast, reliable, and quick linking to the engine and machine electronic management system. Furthermore, these solutions are compatible with a wide variety of options that can be easily customized to fit a wide range of applications.