Jacobs Fulcrum Bridge Technology

The Fulcrum Bridge technology makes lashless valve trains compatible with engine braking, benefiting fuel economy and emissions.

Jacobs Fulcrum Technology Square Image

Jacobs Vehicle Systems has introduced its Fulcrum Bridge technology to the off-highway market.

  • Eliminates need to periodically adjust engine’s lash settings, reducing inconvenience and total cost of ownership
  • Make conventional engine braking compatible with lashless technology
  • Removes traditional need to set and adjust mechanical clearance in valve train between valve and camshaft, known as lash, by employing Hydraulic Lash Adjusters (HLA)
  • Hydraulic lash adjustment allows for more consistent valve motions throughout all engine operating conditions and wear over engine lifetime, enhancing engine performance and fuel economy
  • Applies reactive load to HLA during engine braking event to prevent over-extension which can cause valve-to-piston contact once engine braking is turned off
  • Lash setting is good for the life of the engine



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