Front-Axle Drive Lines

The ContiTech lines for front-wheel drives withstand extreme pressures and are well suited for trucks operating part time on-road and part time off-road.

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ContiTech Fluid Technology has developed lines for part-time front-wheel drive trucks which spend a large proportion of their operating time on the road but also occasionally need off-road capability.

  • Withstands extreme pressures
  • Carry hydraulic oil which is pumped to motors and drive vehicle's front wheels under extreme pressures
  • Provides inexpensive alternative to a permanent all-wheel drive system
  • Withstands pressures up to 450 bar (6,527 psi)
  • Spiral steel sheath forms strength member to withstand high pressures
  • Available up to a nominal diameter of 25 mm
  • Can be fit with snap-on connectors to simplify installation and prevent any torsion on the line which is unavoidable with screw unions and which would be detrimental to the component’s pressure resistance
  • Remains permanently leakproof


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