787TC and 797TC Compact Spiral hose

Parker's Compact Spiral hose has half the bend radius of standard products.

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Parker Hose Products Division's? 787TC (5,000 psi) and 797TC (6,000 psi) Compact Spiral hose is strong like a spiral and can bend like braided hose.

  • New inner tube makes it possible to refine, redesign and significantly reduce overall hose construction
  • Features almost 30% smaller OD and up to 26% lighter weight
  • Bend radius is 50% better than current industry standards
  • Bends can begin sooner, reduces total amount of hose needed by 20 to 55%
  • Requires third less effort to bend
  • Includes highly abrasion-resistant hose covers (80-times more abrasion resistant compared to standard rubber covered hose)
  • Flex impulse tested and tested up to 2,000,000 impulse cycles - four times the SAE and twice the ISO standard
  • Improves flow characteristics while maintaining same OD size, or provides equal flow characteristics by maintaining ID size while reducing OD size
  • More direct routing options require less hose, reducing inventory amount of hose needed as well as shipping and packaging costs
  • Available sizes: -8, -10, -12, 16, -20, -24 and -32
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