LifeGuard Hose Sleeving

Gates updates LifeGuard hose sleeving to protect up to 10,000-psi bursts.

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Gates has re-engineerd its LifeGuard sleeving system with an additional layer of nylon reinforcement that increases worker protection for 4,000- and 5,000-psi hydraulic hose applications. LifeGuard sleeving is specifically designed to protect machine operators from the hazards of catastrophic hydraulic hose failure due to line-of-sight hose bursts and pinhole leaks. 

  • 4,000-psi sleeve contains bursts up to 8,000-psi and controls 4,000-psi pinhole leaks for up to five minutes
  • 5,000-psi sleeve contains 10,000-psi bursts and controls 5,000-psi pinhole leaks
  • Two inner layers of tightly woven nylon elongate to absorb energy of a burst or pinhole leak
  • Third outer nylon layer restrains fluid and redirects it safely to clamped ends
  • Fluids exit system via specially designed "channel" clamps at each end
  • Correlates to various industry standards including ISO 3457 and MSHA's Accident Prevention Program
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