SAE Aluminum Tube Fittings

Aluminum tube fittings from Parker are 65% lighter to provide weight savings.

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Parker Hannifin Corporation, a global provider of motion and control technologies, introduces a line of SAE aluminum tube fittings that are approximately 65% lighter than equivalent steel and stainless steel fittings to deliver reduced transportation expenses and convenient hydraulic system conversion.

  • Manufacturing to SAE J514 dimensions for 37-degree flare fittings and SAE J1453 dimensions for O-ring face seal fittings minimizes cost of converting system  
  • Maximum working pressure rating is approximately 50% of equivalent steel fittings
  • Temperature rating ranges from -40 F to 400 F (-40 C to 204 C) 
  • O-ring Face Seal (ORFS) reduces risk of seal damage and leakage by using Trap-Seal technology where trapezoidal-shape seal provides retention to prevent “pop out” 
  • Utilizes Robust Port Stud for reliability of adjustable SAE aluminum connector port ends
  • Port stud prevents exposure of threads between locknut and backup washer, eliminating washer damage and leaks
  • Works for applications where weight reduction and/or corrosion resistance are essential
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