Partek Defense Hose Protection Sleeve

The Hose Products Division of Parker Hannifin introduces its Partek Defense hose protection sleeve designed to prevent injuries and equipment damage caused by hose bursts.

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Parker Hannifin's Hose Products Division introduces Partek Defense, a hose protection sleeve designed to prevent worker injuries and equipment damage from high-pressure hose bursts. 

  • Features high-performance materials
  • Proprietary endurance-boosting weave pattern contains pressurized hose bursts and dissipates media within hose assemblies
  • MSHA-rated protective sleeving
  • Contains host bursts at up to 12,000 psi
  • Highly flexible and does not restrict hose routings
  • Can be cut to hose length and secured over hose assembly with metal band clamps? for simple installation
  • Fibers used to make sleeve are specially coated to protect hoses against sunlight, ozone and other environmental conditions that cause deterioration
  • Meets requirements for ISO 3457, ISO4413, EN 414 and MDG41
  • Available in five standard interior diameters and sold in 50-foot reels
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