GH001 A/C Hose

Eaton announces the release of its GH001 A/C hose, which is a SAE J2064 Type E hose with near-zero permeation.

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As the industry moves to the next generation of refrigerant for mobile applications, Eaton is introducing the GH001 A/C hose, an SAE J2064 Type E hose with near-zero permeation or potential refrigerant gas loss. With R1234yf now being implemented in 2014 automotive builds, the new global refrigerant, and the equipment it is used in, are designed to reduce GWP (Global Warming Potential, the measurement used to define and regulate the loss of greenhouse gas to the atmosphere).

  • Works with wide variety of refrigerants and refrigerant oils
  • Features a patent-pending dual extrusion veneer (polymide) core tube with the first layer offering excellent oil and refrigerant compatibility
  • Second core tube layer bonded to the first is designed to keep the refrigerant gas in the hose for near-zero effusion
  • Features operating temperature range of -40 to 140 C
  • EPDM cover protects against UV while offering flexibility and ease of installation, including kink resistance 
  • Includes patented Eaton E-Z Clip fitting system
  • Factory Crimp is also available
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