Eaton GH100 and GH101 Biodiesel Hoses

The GH100 and GH101 hoses from Eaton can be used with every blend of biodiesel up to B100, as well as high-temperature oils.

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Power management company Eaton has launched the GH100 and GH101 hoses for high-percentage biodiesel blend and high-temperature oil applications.

  • Engineered for maximum performance in systems with a variety of fuel types
  • Features unique polymer that more effectively resists degradation
  • Performs in high-temperature mobile applications including trucks, buses, agriculture and construction equipment and eco-friendly power vehicles
  • Compatible with high-percentage biodiesel fuels and new synthetic oils
  • Supports longer hose life while ensuring safety requirements and quality standards are met
  • Qualified for -40-150 C (-40-302) with B2, B5 and B20, -40-125 C (-40-257 F) with B100
  • Qualified to -40-150 C (-40-302 F), 175 C (347 F) intermittent, with synthetic oils
  • Can be used with every blend of biodiesel up to B100, eliminating need to rotate between B5, B20 or higher and ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuels
  • Abrasion-resistant fabric or rubber cover and multiple fitting options available



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