Parker Displaying Expanded Line of TOUGHJacket Hoses at IFPE 2017

Parker has expanded its TOUGHJacket hydraulic hose line which features specially formulated polyurethane jackets to meet industry requirements for high abrasion resistance.

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Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has expanded the Parflex hydraulic hose line with the introduction of a family of TOUGHJacket hydraulic hoses, designed to withstand the strains of large-scale, heavy-duty applications. The new hoses, featuring special Parker-formulated polyurethane jackets to meet industry requirements for mega/super tough abrasion resistance, exceed the abrasion resistance and durability of super enhanced rubbers by more than 100%.

These compact and lightweight hoses also offer ultra-low length change under pressure and superior UV resistance. The 563TJ hydraulic hose series offers the best change in length characteristics at +/-1%. This makes it an ideal solution for boom or cable track applications where long lengths are required because abrasion and length change are the biggest contributors to hose failure. The SAE acceptable change in length specification is +2% to -4%. Most hoses shrink at least 2% in a constrained environment which can be disastrous for the hose and cable tracks. If 100 ft. of hose is run in a boom, it must accommodate for the extra 4 ft. of hose that will be required due to shrink or run the risk of the hose pulling the fitting off the hose or destroying the cable track.

TOUGHJacket hoses are up to 40% lighter than competitors' products which means less counterweight, more payload and the ability to lift farther/higher. Its small O.D. makes routing easier in cable tracks and the ability to bond the hose enables the customer to easily pack and manage more elements per track or even eliminate the track. Twin or multi-line configurations are available to further reduce abrasion and/or prevent tangling.

The new hoses are available in four series, in sizes from 1/4 in. I.D. to 1 in. I.D. Key distinctions and performance criteria by hose series include:

  • 560TJ: Meets SAE 100R1AT, MSHA. Lighter and smaller than 100R1AT with longer lengths.
  • 563TJ: Meets SAE 100R17, MSHA. 3,000 psi constant working pressure. Lowest length change under pressure (+/-1%). Smaller O.D. and up to 42% lighter than comparable 100R17 hose.
  • 590TJ: Meets SAE 100R2, MSHA, and 1/4 in. through 1/2 in. ABS approved. Two-wire strength, one-wire construction for improved bend radius.
  • 594TJ: Meets SAE 100R19, MSHA. 4,000 psi constant working pressure.

Parker’s new TOUGHJacket hoses will be on display in Parker booth #S-8242 at IFPE 2017, March 7 - 11.