HYDAC RFSA Series Reservoir Filtration System Adapter

Hydac 10725188

The HYDAC RFSA is an aluminum adapter that gives a kidney loop filter access to a reservoir.

  • Can accommodate filtration rates up to approximately 15 gpm (56.8 lpm)
  • Suitable to use with many Filter Systems products including: OF5HS/OF5HD/ OFCS/OFCD, OF7-BC, OFCD-BC, OFCD-MV, OFCD-HV, MAFH-A, OFS, OFS-AM, OLF
  • 1.25 in. SAE O-Ring Boss Suction Port
  • 1.00 in. SAE O-Ring Boss Return Port
  • Suction and Return downtubes included and recommended to be cut to length and bent for proper fluid turnover in a reservoir
  • Optional OFCS/OFCD Fitting Kit can be ordered separately which includes adapters to install CAM-GROOVE hose couplings between suction/return hoses/wands and additional CAM-GROOVE adapters for installation in kidney loop adapter
  • Dust caps and plugs included
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