Type V60N Variable Displacement Axial-Piston Pump

The V60N variable displacement axial-piston pump from HAWE provides users an easy to control pump.

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The variable displacement axial-piston pump type V60N from HAWE Hydraulics, Charlotte, NC, comes with a load-sensing controller making the pump even more user-friendly and reliable to operate. Type V60N is ideally suited for open loop circuits in mobile hydraulics such as the ancillary drive of commercial vehicles.

  • Contains integrated pressure limitation function so even unusual requirements can be met with little effort
  • Connects to soft, vibration-prone or rigid and swiftly reacting systems
  • Set screw adjusts controller easily and serves as sole adjusting element for dampening and on-stroke velocity 
  • Adjusting screws for pressure relief and stand-by pressure are positioned on controller in direction of shaft
  • Single-piece screen at load sensing input can be cleaned and exchanged without special tools
  • Surface finish provides durability
  • Compact build requires less height for installation space
  • Operates at pressures up to 5,075 PSI (350 bar) and peak pressure of 6,000 PSI (420 bar)
  • Features geometric displacement up to 110 cm3/rev, with maximum flow rate of 105 gpm (240 l/min)
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