SKF BPH30 Hydraulic Barrel Pump

The SKF BPH30 hydraulic barrel pump delivers grease to large automatic lubrication systems in excavators, loaders, and other heavy machinery.

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SKF has developed the BPH30 hydraulic barrel pump for large automatic lubrication systems, which helps reduce the risk of machinery failure.

  • Available with or without sensors and can be configured to individual needs
  • Delivers grease to large automatic lubrication systems such as single-line, progressive or dual-line, as well as filling processes
  • Target applications include excavators, loaders, haul trucks and other heavy machinery used in the construction and mining industries
  • Designed to work reliably under demanding conditions
  • Pump head is fully encased which reduces risk of damage during tough operations
  • Constructed from heavy-duty materials, making it robust
  • Compact design allows it to be mounted in tight spaces
  • Operating temperature range from -40-80 C (-40-176 F) and accepts greases up to NLGI 2
  • Single outlet which can be positioned on the left, right or front of device
  • Three-seal design helps prevent leakage of both hydraulic oil and lubrication grease, maintaining safe and reliable operations while minimizing the risk of contamination
  • Leakage indicator provides clear visual confirmation that the sealing system is working
  • Built-in sensors monitor oil pressure, temperature and piston movement, which helps to avoid sudden machine failure
  • Flow rate and reverse pressure can be adjusted according to the needs of the application
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