HAWE C40V Axial Piston Pumps

The C40V axial piston pump efficiently supplies system solutions for pressure ranges up to 280 bar with the required flow rate.

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HAWE Hydraulik
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HAWE Hydraulik has introduced the C40V axial piston pumps for medium pressure ranges. 

  • Designed and compactly built for use in open circuits of mobile machines
  • Available in various sizes
  • Efficiently supplies system solutions for pressure ranges up to 280 bar (4,061.06 psi) with the required flow rate
  • Lighter than its predecessor and has an even higher maximum self-priming speed of 3,200 rpm
  • Maximum delivery volume is 85 cm3/rev and is available in three sizes (28, 45, 85 cm3)
  • Features a diverse range of controllers for use with a wide range of applications
  • Load-sensing regulator is available with an integrated or an electro-proportional pressure cut off
  • Purely mechanical adjustable pressure regulators or electro-proportional pressure or flow regulators are also available
  • Swash plate design allows the flow rate to be varied very finely and easily via the swivel angle, making it an efficient drive for mobile hydraulic systems
  • Supplies hydraulic consumers in agricultural and forestry machinery, municipal vehicles, fan control systems and aerial work platforms
  • Can be used to drive generators or to steer construction machinery
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