F12 FERRA Hydraulic Pump

Concentric introduces its F12 FERRA hydraulic pump which offers high strength and increased power density.

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Concentric AB, Hof Germany and Rockford, IL, introduces the F12 FERRA pump, a rugged two-piece pump ideally suited for construction equipment, materials handling and agricultural machines. 

  • Features cast iron construction that is robust across a broad temperature range
  • Housing and front cover are cast iron
  • Eliminates need for rear cover and integrates bearings into housing and flange to make unit more compact
  • Increases power density and offers better installation characteristics compared with conventional designs 
  • Gear profile is optimized for reduced pulsation and high power density
  • Two pressure plates ensure high volumetric efficiency at low speeds
  • Offers performance at low speeds (500 rpm)
  • Suitable for high-flow implement and steering circuits, and fan drive applications
  • Available with displacements from 16 to 41 cc/rev and pressures up to 276 bar (4,000 psi up to 30 cc/rev)
  • Can be used as single units or as multi-unit assemblies in combination with multiple pumps
  • Modular design allows a wide choice of flange, shaft and port options
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