FERRA F12 Cast-Iron Hydraulic Gear Pump

The FERRA F12 cast-iron hydraulic gear pump from Concentric can be used a single unit or in multi-unit assemblies with multiple pumps.

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Concentric AB, formerly Haldex Hydraulics, is launching production of the FERRA F12 cast-iron hydraulic gear pump at its factory in Rockford, IL, to increase availability for North American customers.

  • Can be used as a single unit or in multi-unit assemblies in combination with multiple pumps 
  • Features smaller package with more power density
  • Offers improved performance at lower speeds
  • Testing has shown that the design is suitable for high-flow implement, steering circuits and fan drive applications
  • Provides robust design across a broad temperature range
  • Features two-piece design with both housing and flange of cast iron, which has made it possible to eliminate the rear cover and integrate bearings into the housing and flange
  • Gear and shaft are in one piece giving the drive and driven gear fatigue resistance and allowing use of large-diameter journals with higher load-bearing capacity
  • Gear profile is optimized for reduced pulsation, lower ripple/noise and higher volumetric efficiency at low speeds 
  • PTFE-impregnated bushings provide optimum alignment and a large support area capable of handling most indirect drives and fan loads
  • Two pressure plates ensure high volumetric efficiency at low speeds, each with a bronze surface for optimum strength and wear characteristics
  • Integrated seals reduce clearance, offset axial loading and balance themselves as pressure increases
  • Available with a range of port and mounting options, splined, keyed or tapered drive shafts
  • Displacements from 16 to 41 cc/rev, pressures up to 276 bar (4,000 psi up to 30 cc/rev) and maximum speeds of 3,000 rpm available
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