Quadra-Flow Selectable Displacement D Series Gear Pump

Turolla's Quadra-Flow Selectable Displacement gear pump allows users to select between four flow levels to meet the productivity and efficiency needs of the application.

The Quadra-Flow Selectable Displacement gear pump from Turolla offers the versatility and power savings of a piston pump with the reliability and economy of a gear pump.

  • Selectable displacement feature integrates an unloading circuit to match pump output flow to machine demand
  • Unloads as need for flow decreases, and excess flow is recirculated to pump inlet at low pressure
  • Minimizes pump load and allows engine power to be redistributed to machine work functions
  • Features rugged cast iron construction
  • Well suited for applications requiring maximum performance and long life in severe operating conditions
  • Integrates two on/off solenoid valves into a D Series tandem gear pump with a typical 3:1 or 2:1 displacement ratio
  • Selectable flow feature allows user to select one of four flow levels
  • High Flow level has both solenoid valves closed to combine output flows from two pumping sections into one common outlet
  • Medium Flow level occurs when small gear pump section is unloaded by solenoid valve and isolated from high pressure by check valve, and excess flow recirculates back to inlet at low pressure so that the large pumping section provides high pressure flow to outlet port
  • Low Flow level is similar in operation as medium flow, except the large displacement pump is unloaded and the small gear section provides system flow
  • Zero Flow level actuates both solenoid valves to unload both pumping sections and all flow is internally recirculated at low pressure for maximum power savings
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