Danfoss MP1 Closed Circuit Axial Piston Pump

Danfoss introduced at bauma 2016 its MP1 closed circuit axial piston pump is enabled for use with telematics systems to provide system connectivity and data collection.

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Danfoss Power Solutions introduces its MP1 closed circuit axial piston pump which provides best-in-class modular configuration for manufacturers seeking a reliable medium-power product.

  • Available in 28/32 and 38/45 cm³ frame sizes
  • Flexible enough to fit a wide array of applications
  • Able to scale to needed control capability, including MDC (manual displacement control) and EDC (electrical displacement control)
  • Features built-in flexibility through common pump platforms for controls and porting
  • Modularity reduces manufacturing variation for simplified component sourcing and improves time to market
  • True clean side (non-customer interface) provides flexibility in component placement whereas competing pumps typically include a valve on the clean side, reducing placement options
  • Short length provides potential to reduce material costs  
  • Durable, robust design meets demands of harsh operating conditions 
  • Enabled for telematics with easy-to-develop custom applications using the Danfoss Power Solutions PLUS+1 GUIDE (Graphical User Integrated Development Environment) system
  • Provides many possibilities for connectivity and vital data collection which can assist with predictive maintenance, remote service, efficiency management and operator safety
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