Bosch Rexroth A30VG Axial Piston Variable Pump

Introduced at CONEXPO/IFPE 2017, the Bosch Rexroth A30VG axial piston variable pump can be adjusted mechanically or electronically and has a maximum pressure of 350 bar.

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Bosch Rexroth’s axial piston variable pump, the A30VG, is fully compatible with Rexroth’s BODAS mobile electronics product range and therefore shortens engineering times for hydrostatic travel drives.

  • Suitable for wheel and travel drives with two hydraulically separate circuits
  • Compatible with controllers from series 3x and higher, as well as current pressure sensors
  • Can function as hydraulic self-locking differential
  • Can be adjusted mechanically or electronically
  • Both controls can be superseded by input speed dependent control cartridge
  • Comes with electrical components and specially adapted radial piston motors
  • Supports convenient switching of hydraulic motors while driving
  • Covers requirements of articulated machines with single-wheel drives
  • Can be used for synchronous working drives in a closed circuit with high efficiency requirements
  • Supplies two uniformly variable circuits in closed circuits, each with a flow of 28 ccm per revolution, in swashplate design with integrated boost pump
  • Nominal pressure of 300 bar, maximum pressure of 350 bar
  • Absence of flow dividers enables high efficiency
  • Includes through-drive flanges according to SAE-J744 (A/B/C) and variety of through-drive couplings
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