Sun Hydraulics FLeX Series FREP Solenoid-Operated, 3-Way Proportional Flow Control Valve

The FLeX Series FREP control valve features a 30 gpm rated input in versions with a priority flow up to 22 gpm.

Sun Frep Motor Mount Transp
Sun Hydraulics

Sun Hydraulics announces the release of its FLeX Series FREP, a solenoid-operated, 3-way proportional flow control valve.

  • Compact, single valve
  • Combines electro-proportional adjustable orifice and pressure compensator in one valve
  • Can provide constant priority flow rate independent of load pressures
  • Well suited for situations needing to maintain constant actuator speed regardless of load on the actuator
  • Provides excellent variable flow control when using a fixed-displacement pump
  • Delivers precise control to orbital motors on conveyors, spinners or fans for equipment like salt spreaders, agricultural spreaders and seeders
  • Standard assembly with OMP motor interface available for easy mounting on an orbital motor, reducing hosing and a more compact solution
  • Six standard OMP-mount manifolds in a range of port sizes are available
  • Manifolds include a set of deep mounting holes to accommodate direct mounting of the Sun XMD Mobile Driver to the manifold
  • Features 30 gpm (120 L/min) rated input in versions with priority flow up to 22 gpm (88 L/min) in three ranges:
    • A range: 0-8 gpm (0-30 L/min)
    • B range: 0-15 gpm (0-60 L/min)
    • C range: 0-22 gpm (0-88 L/min)
  • Can split one input into two flows that are controlled proportionally, allowing operation of motors and cylinders on both port 3 and port 2
  • Able to divert oil from main line of a system without disrupting primary functions
  • Very low leakage compared to competitive valves
  • Uses pull-type solenoid that allows main throttle spool to be less sensitive to flow forces, providing greater efficiencies with more flow control using less power than similar valves
  • Can be combined with the FLeX Series RVCK two-stage relief valve in an assembly to create integrated solutions that control speed and force using two FREPs in one compact assembly
  • Pairing the FREP with the RVCK relief can create full-rated bypass flow control solution, with a single FREP serving as both the variable orifice and the bypass pressure compensator in the circuit

Frep Flow V Command CurveSun Hydraulics

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