VBCN-R Series Boom Lock Valves

Rexroth VBCN-R series boom lock valves give full range lowering control to safety compliance load-holding devices.

Rexroth Vbcnr Device 10253097
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Rexroth’s VBCN-R series of gravity lower load-holding devices, commonly called “boom lock valves,” gives machine builders the opportunity to refine control systems with the combination of two functions in one valve. The load lowering and hose burst safety compliance demanded by such regulations as ISO-8643 / EN-474 can be supplemented with full-range lowering speed control in the VBCN-R valves. 

  • Eliminates need for highly synchronized opening of two valves
  • Combines low-hysteresis speed control, load limiting over-pressure protection and hose-burst safety in one single valve 
  • Low-side oil reclamation system provides energy savings 
  • Permits lowering with minimized oil supply from pump, allowing simultaneous functions to operate with minimal horsepower draw and decreased cycle times
  • For flow rates to 120 gpm and 6000 psi, though higher flow rates can be achieved with customized solutions
  • Applications include earth moving, scrap handling or excavator attachment 



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