PSL7 Proportional Directional Spool Valve

HAWE Hydraulics has developed an efficient, compact proportional directional spool with a maximum flow of 105 gpm.

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HAWE Hydraulics, Charlotte, NC, presents for its proportional directional spool valve type PSL in a nominal size 7. The PSL7 has been designed for applications such as mobile heavy load carrying machines, pile drilling machines, ship and railway cranes, etc.

  • Features global certifications for use in explosion hazardous zones 
  • Controls direction of movement of hydraulic consumers
  • Provides load-independent, stepless control of hydraulic speed
  • Feeds via variable displacement pumps or constant pump systems
  • Flow of 264 gpm (1,000 l/min) can be fed in via only one inlet section, allowing parallel operation of several functions at full speed
  • Enables volume flow of up to 105 gpm (400 l/min) per function regardless of load
  • Valve spools with stepped maximum flow ratings match requirements without sacrifying resolution over stroke
  • Independent selection of maximum flow rating on A and B side allows identical speeds to be achieved
  • Reduction in back pressure increases energy efficiency
  • Shifts electrically-proportionally, hydraulically, manually or via a combination of these methods
  • Several valve sections can be combined to form a valve bank


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