PVG 16 Load-Sensing Valve

Sauer-Danfoss introduces its load-sensing valve, the PVG 16, for low-flow applications.

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Sauer-Danfoss has developed the first load-sensing valve in its portfolio for the low-flow segment. The PVG 16 facilitates the integration of load-sensing system design and electrohydraulic actuator technology.

  • Rated for a flow of up to 65 l/min (17.2 gpm) and work port pressure of up to 400 bar (5,800 psi)
  • Features modular design
  • Pump inlet module and endplate are identical to those of PVG 32, enabling seamless integration in customized valve stacks, accommodating everything from simple to complex functionalities
  • PVE Series 6 actuator provides the valve with its electrohydraulic platform
  • Incorporating a microcontroller for closed loop control, the actuator delivers spool control and built-in fault monitoring
  • High tolerance towards temperature variations ensures a robust, reliable valve performance in all conditions
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