PRM8 Servo-Assisted Proportional Valve

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The precise movements of the Sweden-based Engcon tiltrotator excavator attachment (installed between the excavator boom and bucket which enable the tool to rotate by 360 degrees and tilt laterally +/- 40 degrees) are made possible by ARGO-HYTOS control blocks and single valves, where nominal size 06 directional valves and screw-in valves are used. ARGO-HYTOS designed the PRM8 (nominal size 06) balanced proportional valve specifically for this application.

  • Servo control is integrated into the valve itself
  • Electrical and hydraulic interfaces and dimensions are identical to nominal size 06 direct-acting proportional valves
  • Can regulate high volume flows of 85 l/min.
  • The applied follower piston principle prevents the proportional valve from reducing the cross-section in the event of an increasing pressure difference over the control edge by way of internal compensation of the flow forces
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