SC18 Load-Sensing Proportional Valve

Bucher Hydraulics' SC18 load-sensing proportional valve features a compact design and flow range up to 260 liters per minute for each actuator section.

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Featuring a smaller design and a flow range up to 260 l/min for each actuator section, the SC18 load-sensing proportional valve from Bucher Hydraulics complements the larger SC22, which offers flows of up to 400 l/min per section.

  • Features a mold casting
  • Optional auxiliary functions can be integrated very compactly into the valve body
  • Offers optimized flow-control behavior and improved load-sensing system
  • Energy losses have been minimized
  • Allows for the adoption of digital pilot heads
  • Features compact sectional design and an adaptable modular system
  • Enables individual adjustment of the flow rate 
  • Maximum pump flow rate is 400 l/min
  • Includes individual pressure compensators and individual supply cut-off for each actuator port
  • Optional anti-shock valves, make-up valves, or a combination, are available
  • Available with manual operation and with threaded ports or flanged ports
  • Can be used with all types of pumps and in systems with changeable supply sources
  • Provides responsive and accurate control of the load
  • Offers load-independent flow control, even with parallel operation of several actuators
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