Electro-Proporational Control Valves

On display at Agritechnica 2013, the electro-proportional controls from HAWE Hydraulik enable optimal adjustment of the contact pressure of agricultural implements.

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HAWE Hydraulik SE from Munich offers electro-proportional controls which provide a range of possibilities for adjusting the contact pressure of agricultural implements.

  • Enables implements to be worked with a pre-defined weight or fully weightless
  • Implement maintains requested distance to the soil far more precisely than it would with mechanical relief such as springs
  • Saves fuel by pump supplying only the flow necessary to perform the control sequence
  • Floating position can be used in a completely open version by having two cylinder ports connected to oil tank and external forces moving piston rod up and down
  • Integrating actuated over-center valves makes it possible to realize also a proportionally dampened system
  • Valve outlets are leak free when not actuated, avoiding a creeping lowering of the implements
  • Actuation of lifting cylinder accomplished with connection block, type HMPL, which comes with system pressure relief valves and a pressure compensator for constant displacement pump systems 
  • Integrated zero-leakage proportional directional seated valve executes lifting and lowering movements with minimum pressure losses, guaranteeing speedy lowering
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