SVP08-NCF Multi-Function Valve for Single-Acting Cylinder Applications

The Comatrol SVP08-NCF Multi-Function Valve combines three valves into one, while adding manual override and filter options.

Comatrol018 10714694

Comatrol introduces the SVP08-NCF solenoid valve, fulfilling the market need for single acting cylinder control with a focus on customization and flexibility.

  • Provides three valve functions in a singular design 
  • Features normally-closed, pilot-operated, poppet-type 08-size design with flow control when energized
  • Offers rated pressure of 230 bar (3,300 psi) and a rated flow of 16 LPM (4 GPM)
  • SDC08-2 cavity complies with NFPA standards
  • Optional 300μm filter protects valve from port 2 in order to prevent contamination coming from the cylinder
  • Additional (optional) threaded pin allows override via a wire cable or a knob handle
  • When energized, an internal check valve enables restricted flow to go through an orifice, eliminating the need for three components to perform the same task
  • Pre-machined orifice in the center of check valve poppet, with optional sizes according to customer’s requirement (1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.7 and 2.0 mm)
  • When solenoid valve is energized and flow comes down in the reverse direction, poppet remains seated and only allows a very small amount of oil to go through the orifice, restricting the lowering speed when a weight makes a single acting cylinder retract
  • Size of orifice has to be determined by the load in the bore and the speed of lowering
  • Operator can switch solenoid valve position manually if electrical power is down or low
  • When activated, flow will go through orifice to control speed of the lowering, dependent on the weight and the size of the orifice selected
  • Includes pull-type override which allows threading of a cable or knob onto the end of the valve
  • Using a cable provides flexibility in the mounting location, while placing the load-lowering knob close to the operator and out of harm’s way when lowering 
  • Threaded override has been customized to four different types
  • Choice of M4 thread as a standard option, or M5 thread, 10-32 UNF thread (U10), PG (knob) or M (screw)
  • Can be ordered without the override 
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