Eaton CMT Mobile Valve Section

Eaton's CMT mobile valve section is capable of controlling two bidirectional services from one section.

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Power management company Eaton announces the launch of the CMT mobile valve section, a streamlined new section option for the CMA advanced mobile valve.

  • Capable of controlling two bidirectional services from one section
  • Increases design flexibility and reduces CMA valve bank size, weight and overall system cost
  • Software-configurable and features CAN communication, onboard sensors, digital flow-sharing and electronic load-sensing to provide precise flow control and high responsiveness
  • Utilizes twin-spool architecture to control two services instead of one, reducing total number of sections needed in valve bank by as much as 50%
  • Stackable with CMA sections, which increases design flexibility
  • OEMs can optimize the valve for all vehicle requirements by specifying sophisticated CMA sections for services that demand superior precision and control, and streamlined CMT sections for standard machine functions
  • Availability of two stackable section options simplifies use of the CMA valve on high-end and midrange machines without parts proliferation, due to shared componentry and procedures


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