Forestry Equipment to be a Focus at Agritechnica 2021

DLG is expanding its forestry sector events, including having an area dedicated to the industry at Agritechnica 2021.

DLG (German Agricultural Society)
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In response to the many challenges facing the forestry sector, both in Germany and abroad, the DLG (the German Agricultural Society) is expanding its forestry information offering over the next 2 years, with several new event formats including the "DLG-PraxisSpots", which combine live demonstrations with expert knowledge, the “DLG-Forest World” at Agritechnica and the Brilon Forest Symposium, an event co-organized by the DLG, focusing on forestry practice and policy. Forest Romania, an event organized by the DLG will also take place in 2021. 

Inviting farmers to discover both technical and practical solutions in forestry, to discuss the context of changing weather factors and CO2 challenges, the forest events, organized by the DLG, are aimed at future-oriented farmers and international companies in the forestry sector.

"With this innovative mix of specialist events, live demonstrations of modern forestry technology as well as new digital services, the DLG is responding to the need for more knowledge in the market by expanding its business platforms for forestry practice in a targeted manner over the next two years. Exhibitors and visitors will benefit not only from our strong brands Agritechnica and DLG-Waldtage, which in English literally means ‘DLG Forest Days’, but also from our network of experts in agriculture and forestry, which is associated with the highest professional and current know-how of our events," says Reiner Hofmann, Director of DLG's Department of Forestry, underlining the high quality of the range of products and services.

DLG Waldtage 

The next DLG-Waldtage event, also known as DLG Forest Days, will take place September 9-11, 2022. The event was postponed by 12 months, following recommendations to the DLG by event partners and exhibitors, who expressed in a survey that they favored the implementation of this attractive event format in 2022.

"The postponement of events caused by the corona pandemic will also have a considerable impact on next year's forestry events calendar. In order to offer both exhibitors and visitors an attractive program of information and events, the DLG decided, in close cooperation with its partners and exhibitors, to postpone the DLG Waldtage event until 2022. The great interest and the utmost willingness to cooperate on the part of the forest industry underline the great significance of the DLG-Waldtage event as the leading meeting place for forestry practice in the industry," says Jan Kath, Project Manager of the DLG-Waldtage, who also expressed his pleasure with the high level of interest in the DLG-Waldtage 2022.

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Brilon Forest Symposium

Brilon Forest Symposium September 10, 2021 in Brilon offers an information program that will focus on current existential questions relating to forestry practice and forestry policy. It is organized by the DLG together with the leading municipal forestry company Brilon and other partners. 

New in 2021: DLG-PraxisSpot "Forest”

Next year a new event format will celebrate its premiere in the town of Brilon, located in North Rhine Westfalia and famous for its Briloner Stadtforst, which is one of the largest communally owned forests in Germany, covering 7,750 hectares. The DLG-PraxisSpot "Forest" aims to offer trade visitors a mix of expert information and live demonstrations, as close as possible to applied practice, and is therefore ideally positioned as a platform for investment decisions.

The first DLG practice spot will be held September 10 and 11, 2021, in parallel with the Brilon Forest Symposium. The partner for this event is the Renewable Energy Information and Demonstration Centre (I.D.E.E.). The focus will be on the topic "Increasing the added value of damaged wood, described in German as calamity wood, for small private forest owners". Various value-added and logistics chains in the areas of firewood processing, use of mobile sawmills, timber trailer and winch technology and heating technology (heat from wood) will be shown. 

Forest Romania 2021: Platform for the future market of South Eastern Europe

Forest Romania is an important international event in the DLG’s trade fair program for forestry practice. The event takes place in September 2021 in Zizin/Siebenbürgen, Romania. As a platform for the professional forestry industry in Romania and South-East Europe, the open-air exhibition "Forest Practice live" presents the current challenges facing these markets.

“DLG Forest World” at Agritechnica 2021

At the world's leading trade fair for agricultural machinery, the “DLG Forestry World”, as part of Agritechnica Live-Arena, will be presenting a comprehensive information and exhibition area in the open-air section of the exhibition grounds, which will complement the forestry products displayed in the halls. The focus will be on topics such as "wood use in calamity times", "wood logistics for primary and secondary employment" and "chopping and heating."

The range of information will be rounded off by live moderation by the DLG and exhibitors and will also be published in the streaming service of the "AGRITECHNICA digital" online platform. Forestry is a traditional part of Agritechnica with an entire hall at the show dedicated to forestry machinery and equipment, in addition to a working area outside offering demonstrations of some of the most popular kit. Agritechnica will take place in Hanover from November 14-20, 2021.