Winners Named for Sustainable Bus Award 2019

Iveco, Mercedes and Volvo are among the winners of the Sustainable Bus Award 2019, which will be given out at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018.

Iveco Crealis
Iveco Crealis

The Iveco Crealis 18 m In-Motion-Charging will be awarded in the Urban category of Sustainable Bus Award 2019. Following, the mild hybrid Citaro Ü will receive the prize as most sustainable Intercity bus, while the new Volvo 9900 beats the competitors in the Coach field. 

Electricity, step by step, gains ground in the field of people transportation, but the battery electric bus is not the only actor on the stage. The verdict of Sustainable Bus Award’s jury contributes to show the wide range of possible choices, electing a trolleybus as ‘king’ of urban bus sustainability, and a mild hybrid bus to the role of most sustainable intercity bus. Long distance service is the only field where we see, to date, an uncontested and unique supremacy: diesel still has no competitors. But as years go by, the standards of comfort and safety, both pillars, as well as polluting emissions, of the idea of sustainability on which Sustainable Bus Award’s criteria are built, are being improved.

Sustainable Bus Award 2019 will be delivered on September 19 at IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hannover. The awarding session will take place during the ‘Housewarming’ event at the New Mobility World, Pavilion 11 next to Hall 11.

The jury of Sustainable Bus Award represents seven European countries. The network, indeed, consists of Mobilités Magazine (France), Busfahrt (Germany), Autobus (Italy), OV-Magazine (Netherlands), InfoBus (Poland), Infotrucker (Romania), Carril Bus (Spain).

The jurors choose the winner vehicles after three evaluating steps. First, each juror submitted a list of candidates. All the candidates passed through a first numerical evaluation. Twelve vehicles (four for each category) were shortlisted as finalists. Also manufacturers were asked to fill detailed documentation with information about the vehicles. Finally, each juror provided a detailed evaluation to each vehicle, considering more than 53 parameters split in the following groups: Engine, Transmission, Safety, Comfort, Sustainabiliy.

The award, that prides itself to be the first and only European award that acknowledges sustainability in the field of buses, mustn’t be considered just a prize to the ‘greener’ bus. Actually, Sustainable Bus Award is based on a cross-cutting idea of sustainability, intended as the ability to establish a positive image of the vehicle to the eyes of the general public. Several aspects can come into play, such as safety, comfort, noise, recyclability of components and the general environmental commitment of the manufacturer.

Sustainable Bus Award 2019 Urban: Iveco Crealis 18 m In-Motion-Charging

The ‘In Motion Charging’ technical solution, that allows the vehicle to run in full electric mode where there is no aerial infrastructure, can both preserve the future of trolleybuses and optimize the debut of newcomers into the ‘electro-mobility world’. The main advantage is the weight optimization and the downsizing in terms of battery packs. This means a triple positive impact: on cost, on recyclability and on safety. Iveco Bus, powered by Skoda Electric, places on the market a trolleybus capable of adapting to any usage profile without having any harmful impact on the historical city centers. 

Sustainable Bus Award 2019 Intercity: Mercedes-Benz Citaro Ü Hybrid

The mild hybrid Mercedes-Benz Citaro Ü Hybrid optimizes fuel consumption with a reasonable extra-cost. In-line rear axle Mercedes RO440 also gives an extra rolling resistance optimization compared to the urban version. The vehicle offers a good balance of evaluations according to SBY’s criteria. Mercedes-Benz Citaro Ü Hybrid represents a unique product in its segment: a 7.7 L diesel engine (260 kW) works together with a 14 kW electric motor water cooled that takes electricity from supercaps. 

Sustainable Bus Award 2019 Coach: Volvo 9900

The launch of the new 9900 range represents a real turning point for Volvo. The new coach raises the level of comfort and aesthetic impact: the outcome is a coach full of novelties. Modern design, improved Cx and new driving area, together with the well known Volvo Dynamic Steering, are just some of the main new features developed by the Swedish manufacturer. Under the bonnet, six cylinders D11K is available in 430 or 460 hp version. It works together with I-Shift transmission. Luggage compartment reaches 11.7 m3. The ‘zetas’ shaped on the sidewalls are the real distinguishing sign of the new Volvo 9900. 

Sustainable Bus Award

‘Sustainable Bus Award’ could be considered the outcome of Mobility Revolution Bus, the sustainability index that has been used for all vehicles presented and tested by Autobus magazine since the beginning of 2016. It is the result of a partnership between LifeGate and Autobus. The award also takes advantage of Giulio Ceppi, professor at Politecnico university in Milan, contribution.