P.S.I. Announces PlasmaStream Technology Wins SAE Global Innovation Award

PlasmaStream aims to improve truck aerodynamics by using plasma actuators to ionize the air and control flow separation from the vehicle to reduce drag.

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Pressure Systems International (P.S.I.) announces that the PlasmaStream technology has been awarded first place in the 9th Annual Global Automation & Mobility Challenge, in the Advanced Technology Category at the SAE World Congress in Detroit last month. The Global Automation & Mobility Challenge (GAMIC) is a collaboration between SAE and the MI Innovation Alliance. The award is designed to identify innovative companies, cultivate new technologies and solutions, and hasten their adoption by their markets.

In July 2016, P.S.I. announced its investment in the PlasmaStream technology, with the intent of bringing an alternative to conventional aerodynamics to the commercial vehicle market. The technology utilizes plasma actuators which ionize the air and controls the flow separation from the vehicle, thus reducing drag and improving fuel economy, without heavy add-on devices. P.S.I. and PlasmaStream have been validating the technology in laboratory and real-world environments, achieving solid results, with the first application focusing on trailer boat-tails. 

Tim Musgrave of P.S.I. says, “The recognition of the PlasmaStream technology by GAMIC is a huge honor, and one that provides validation that aerodynamics can be improved by other methods that provide additional benefits over conventional solutions. We are humbled to be in the same company as past recipients of this award.”