Daimler Premiering Safer, More Economical and Eco-Friendly Vehicles at IAA 2018

Daimler Trucks will debut the new Mercedes-Benz Actros, the all-electric-powered eActros, the Actros NGT with gaseous-fuel drive and the FUSO eCanter.

Mercedes-Benz Actros
Mercedes-Benz Actros

'Driving Tomorrow' is the motto of this year's IAA Commercial Vehicles, which runs from September 20-29 in Hanover – and which no company embodies better than Daimler. Whether Daimler Trucks, Daimler Buses or Mercedes-Benz Vans, vehicles or services – Daimler is a true trailblazer when it comes to eco-friendly and resource-saving drive systems, safety, automated driving, the megatrend digitisation and networking, and digital services. As demonstrated at Daimler Trucks, for example, with the world premiere of the spectacular new Mercedes-Benz Actros, the all-electric-powered eActros, the Actros NGT with gaseous-fuel drive and the FUSO eCanter.

At Daimler Buses the focus is on the world premieres of the Mercedes-Benz eCitaro and the new minibuses, as well as on the IAA premieres of the Mercedes-Benz Tourismo and Setra TopClass S 531 DT.

With its emergency braking systems Active Brake Assist 4/5, Preventive Brake Assist for city buses and Sideguard Assist for trucks and buses, Daimler is setting the benchmark when it comes to assistance and safety systems, while Active Drive Assist in the new Actros paves the way to automated driving.

The new Sprinter and the all-electric eSprinter represent the state of the art among vans today, while the Vision URBANETIC provides a vision of a totally new kind of van.

Fleetboard, Uptime, Omniplus On or Mercedes Pro – digitisation and systematic networking have brought with them revolutionary digital services and helped to increase cost-effectiveness.

Daimler Hall 14/15: the whole world of trucks, buses and vans

Hall 14/15 on the trade fair site in Hanover has long been known as the "Daimler Hall." Sixty-four trucks, buses and vans, along with seven further vehicles in the outdoor area, serve to demonstrate the commercial vehicle world. And it is a full panoply: as well as displaying its vehicles for the European markets, Daimler will be showcasing its global reach in a 'Trucks and Buses for the World' area, with vehicles for export markets as well as a FUSO show truck.

A vast amount of work has gone into preparing the way the Group and its brands present themselves at the show to the many thousands of visitors from all over the world: setting up on its own has taken eight weeks, while an experienced team has been planning the show for around a year. Some 2000 m² of carpet and 9000 m² of laminate flooring have been laid in the hall. The architecture of the stand has involved 500 tonnes of steelwork, all highlighted by 2.2 km of LED lighting. Two thousand spotlights, mounted on 5.5 km of trussing and 11 km of aluminium tubing, are used to display the exhibits to best advantage. The power supply comes courtesy of 33 km of cabling.

But the focus is, above all, on the people: around 1,000 members of staff will be there looking after visitors – at information desks, in the catering outlets and above all with specialist advice and expertise at the various exhibits.

Daimler Trucks: the revolutionary Mercedes-Benz Actros as the star of the IAA

The new Actros is the undisputed star among all the trucks at the IAA. Instead of conventional outside mirrors, the MirrorCam with numerous additional functions supports the driver while also improving aerodynamics. The way that the different assistance systems interact within Active Drive Assist paves the way for automated driving. The new active lane tracking feature intervenes with corrective steering movements if required. The new Active Brake Assist 5 system can now also react with full emergency braking if it identifies a risk for pedestrians. One of the key elements of the assistance systems for the new Actros is Sideguard Assist, successfully introduced two years ago.

The anticipatory cruise control system in the Actros, Predictive Powertrain Control, now also recognises junctions and roundabouts. This allows it to optimize the driver's driving style, even on winding long-distance routes. In conjunction with the MirrorCam, the new Economy+ driving mode in the Powershift3 automatic transmission and a new rear axle ratio, the new Actros' fuel consumption on motorways can be reduced by a further three percent and by as much as five percent on long-distance routes.

The controls have also been elevated to a whole new level. This applies to the MirrorCam displays in the A-pillars and particularly to the new Multimedia Cockpit. Its core is made up of two centrally positioned colour displays. Instead of the conventional instrument cluster with speedometer, rev counter and fuel gauge, the system features a primary flat-screen-look, high-resolution color display. The second screen, the secondary display, is designed as a touchscreen. Most of the truck's functions can be conveniently controlled from this screen. As an enhancement of the Multimedia Cockpit, Mercedes-Benz Trucks offers the even more powerfully networked Multimedia Cockpit interactive. This features even more functionality.

Mercedes-Benz is marking the introduction of the new flagship model at the IAA Commercial Vehicles with the special "Edition 1" model, produced in a limited run of 400, with numerous extras that offer maximum comfort and safety for the driver. Its select design features give the vehicle a high recognition factor.

In the course of developing the new Actros, the engineers at Mercedes-Benz Trucks also extensively redesigned the Arocs. Almost all the innovations in the new Actros are also available for the Arocs. This is true, for instance, of MirrorCam, Active Brake Assist 5, the Multimedia Cockpit and the enhanced Predictive Powertrain Control. The sole difference: whereas, as a rule, the new features form part of the standard specification for the Actros, the Arocs is most often individually configured.

The new features in relation to the drive system are just as important. Having celebrated its world premiere two years ago at the IAA, the all-electric eActros is now – following extensive further development – in real-life operation as part of customer driving trials. The new gas-powered Actros NGT marks the beginning of a further new chapter for low-emission vehicles at Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

This is an area where FUSO has traditionally distinguished itself. The all-electric eCanter is the first truck of this nature to be built in series production. The all-electric heavy-duty E-FUSO Vision One truck provides a vision of the future at the IAA. The separate product brand E-FUSO indicates just how seriously FUSO is taking the issue of electric drive systems.

As revolutionary as its trucks are also the services of Daimler Trucks. The anticipatory Uptime service, with real-time monitoring of all key vehicle functions, has been further added to and refined. It can now, for example, also control some of the functions of the trailer. From this coming year, Service 24h will be offering real-time breakdown monitoring and repair status tracking services.

The Daimler subsidiary Fleetboard, market leader among the telematics providers, will be showing its new and uncluttered Fleetboard Cockpit at the IAA. This has been developed in collaboration with customers. Fleetboard is now putting its services in the cloud, with the first companies already feeling the benefit. At the IAA, Fleetboard will be showing the Fleetboard Driver App, a communication platform for truck drivers, and Fleetboard Fuel loss – this service reports any anomalies between fuel consumption and refuelling data. Mercedes-Benz eCitaro with all-electric driveMercedes-Benz eCitaro with all-electric drive

Daimler Buses: world premieres ranging from the Citaro to services

Daimler Buses will be letting off a positive firework display of premieres at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018. At its heart: the new, all-electric Mercedes-Benz eCitaro, the vehicle that takes electric mobility with city buses to a whole new level. The eCitaro offers an impressive and unprecedented standard of energy efficiency, courtesy of a series of innovative components. It marks the start of an innovation initiative for electric mobility, because in conjunction with the premiere, Daimler Buses is presenting its clear timetable for the city bus powertrain of the near future. The new eCitaro is already used for around 30 percent of urban bus operations. With the forthcoming generation of batteries, with solid state batteries and with the fuel cell as a range extender, this proportion will rise to close to 100 percent in just a few years' time. The design of the eCitaro also deserves mention for the way it takes the look of the best-selling Citaro forward into the future.

The eCitaro is an integral part of the eMobility system at Daimler Buses. This system supports transport operators with everything from in-depth consulting services, an intelligent charge management system and the training of their employees through to the provision of specific services. The eMobility system and the Mercedes‑Benz eCitaro thus pave the way for switching to electric mobility using buses in cities.

The new Mercedes‑Benz Sprinter forms the basis for a new generation of the successful minibuses bearing the three-pointed star. This is made up of the model series Sprinter City, Sprinter Transfer, Sprinter Mobility and Sprinter Travel, which will be launched one after the other. The Sprinter City 75 plays a prominent role: Thanks to its extended wheelbase, the compact urban bus with its individually distinct framework body provides a large low-floor platform and, thanks to its exclusive high-load rear axle, a high passenger-carrying capacity.

The spectacular Setra TopClass S 531 DT double-decker bus sets standards in its class and celebrates its IAA premiere. In addition to its impressive appearance, it stands out all as a prime example of aerodynamic and fuel efficiency, with maximum variability, comfort and safety. This impressive touring coach is ideal for use on tourist routes or in regular service, while its superb aerodynamic performance means that it is on the way to setting new records for fuel consumption. It features an exceptional range of standard safety equipment, from the new Active Brake Assist 4 to a fire extinguishing system.

Also available to see for the first time at an IAA is the Mercedes-Benz Tourismo high-deck touring coach - a worthy successor to Europe's top-selling touring coach. The economic efficiency, travelling comfort and superlative safety of the Tourismo are all equally impressive.

With the introduction of new assistance systems, Mercedes Benz and Setra are once again setting standards for city buses and touring coaches in terms of active safety. Active Brake Assist 4 for touring coaches is the first emergency braking system that also brakes for pedestrians. It will become standard equipment on the touring coaches from Mercedes‑Benz and Setra in 2019. Preventive Brake Assist is the first active brake assist system ever for city buses. Finally, Sideguard Assist is the first assistance system for buses and coaches that is able to warn of pedestrians, cyclists and stationary obstacles when turning. This system is available for all city buses and touring coaches from Mercedes Benz and Setra.

Service for buses and coaches becomes digital with Omniplus On, opening up entire new possibilities thanks to connectivity. Digital services are bundled in a clearly structured manner on the Internet portal Omniplus On. Omniplus On rests on three pillars. "Omniplus On advance" ensures maximum fleet availability for bus operators, for example with the service Omniplus Uptime for monitoring the relevant vehicle systems in real time. "Omniplus On monitor" combines the telematics services for efficient fleet management "Omniplus On drive" ensures the communication between driver and company, and helps the driver with the required daily departure check. "Omniplus On commerce", finally, enables bus operators to make fast and targeted purchases at any time of day or night, for example of replacement parts.

Mercedes-Benz Vans: the new Sprinter, digital services and the discussion platform "future talks by Mercedes-Benz Vans"

Sprinter, Vito, Citan, X-Class – Mercedes-Benz Vans is THE full-range provider when it comes to light-duty commercial vehicles. The focus of this year's IAA is on the new Sprinter, the bestseller among large vans. Panel van, Tourer or chassis, front-wheel, rear-wheel or all-wheel drive, low-emission diesel engine, all-electric or as Concept Sprinter F-CELL with fuel-cell drive – the Sprinter has the answer to all of today's and tomorrow's questions. From its attractive design, new safety and assistance systems and networking as standard through to a completely new cockpit with a trendsetting infotainment system, the Sprinter continues to extend its role as a leader in the category of around 3.5 tonnes perm. GVW.

The spectacular Vision URBANETIC design study, meanwhile, provides an indication of what the van might look like even beyond tomorrow. It is based on an autonomously driving, all-electric chassis with a totally new design. With interchangeable bodies for carrying goods or passengers, this van encompasses a wide range of applications in an urban context depending on the day of the week, time of day and individual requirements. All of which, in turn, is built on an IT structure that analyses supply and demand within a defined area in real time. The outcome is an autonomously driving fleet that is efficiently and adaptably based on today's mobility needs. The ambitious goal is to carry more people and goods, with fewer vehicles, on a virtually unchanged road infrastructure.

For all this, the present is not being neglected at Mercedes-Benz. At the stand, the new Sprinter is flanked by the Vito and V-Class, Citan and X-Class – which is celebrating its IAA Commercial Vehicles premiere. The stand-out feature of the Vito is a new infotainment system with touchscreen and integrated navigation system. The dynamic character of the vehicle is emphasised by the optional Vito Line Sport equipment line with its extensive range of attractive features.

Mercedes-Benz Vans has evolved from being a pure manufacturer of vehicles to becoming a supplier of holistic mobility solutions. Driving this process is the strategic future initiative adVANce, which focuses on customer-oriented solutions for the transport and logistics sector. Digital@Vans bundles all the activities together that will allow the van and its driver to be intelligently networked via apps and services. Solutions@Vans uses add-on equipment and fixtures to optimise the way the load compartment is used. Rental@Vans offers anything from the rental of individual vehicles right through to sector-specific solutions to meet companies' order peaks. Sharing@Vans is set to introduce demand-driven mobility systems across Europe through the joint venture ViaVan. Mercedes-Benz Vans is showing some innovative solutions in the Innovation area in the middle of the hall. Here visitors have the opportunity to find out all about solutions for the digitised load compartment, the ideal equipment for ridesharing vehicles, solutions for simpler, efficient material logistics and fleet management solutions that combine job management and driver assignment. As part of the New Mobility World, the company is demonstrating the ongoing work of the Vans & Drones project with the new Sprinter.

Mercedes-Benz Vans is driving the electrification of its commercial model series forward under the aegis of eDrive@VANs. Deliveries of the new eVito to customers will already commence from autumn 2018. The eSprinter will follow in 2019. However, the eDrive@VANs strategy also includes a tailor-made comprehensive system for a given vehicle fleet, not merely its electrification. This e.g. covers advice on the selection of vehicles, support with tools such as the eVAN Ready App and/or an integrated overview of the total cost of ownership, plus analysis and advice for the charging infrastructure on the customer's premises.

Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz Vans is providing an insight into the future of locally emission-free mobility with the Concept Sprinter F-CELL, and showing how the advantages of a short charging time, a low system weight and long range with the fuel cell can be combined in a camper van.

A wide range of services have been grouped together by Mercedes-Benz Vans under the brand name Mercedes PRO. Mercedes PRO starts with the professional connectivity and fleet solutions of Mercedes PRO connect, the clever networking of fleet managers with their vehicles. Whether the need is for vehicle data, digital log book or maintenance planning – Mercedes PRO connect makes the van data transparent and allows the van to be used even more efficiently.

At the IAA, Mercedes-Benz Vans invites visitors to the daily discussion platform "future talks by Mercedes-Benz Vans." Experts inform, among other things, about transport and logistics trends, digitization, ride-sharing concepts and innovative delivery solutions.