UAW Members Ratify Agreement with Mack Trucks

The tentative 4-year agreement covers approximately 3,500 employees at six facilities, and brings to an end a strike at production facilities.

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Mack Trucks announces members of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union have ratified a new 4-year collective bargaining agreement with the company. The agreement covers around 3,500 employees at six facilities in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Florida. 

“The new agreement allows us to continue providing our UAW-represented employees and their families with an attractive package of wages and benefits, while safeguarding the company’s competitiveness and supporting the success of our customers,” says Mack Trucks President Martin Weissburg.

A tentative agreement between Mack Trucks and the UAW union was reached on October 24.

In conjunction with the tentative agreement, the UAW ended its strike against the affected facilities, which went into effect at 9 a.m. on October 25. The company said it would bring its UAW-represented employees back to work as soon as possible, and expected to have its industrial system ramped up to full production in several days.

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*This is an update to a press release originally published on Oct. 25.