Groeneveld Group Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Groeneveld Group celebrated its 40th anniversary with an in-house exhibition at the newly opened Groeneveld Experience Center.

Products and their applications are shown in the Groeneveld Experience Center.
Products and their applications are shown in the Groeneveld Experience Center.

Groeneveld Group, supplier of automatic maintenance systems, active safety systems and IT solutions for transport and logistics, celebrated its 40 year existance on the May 11 this year. On the occasion of this anniversary, the Groeneveld Experience Center was established at the head office in Gorinchem, where customers, dealers, importers, manufacturers and other relations can become acquainted with the products and services of Groeneveld in a pleasant ambiance.

Ever since the foundation of Groeneveld in 1971, the company has grown to become a globally operating company with more than 500 employees, over 30 locations in more than 20 countries, a modern factory in Italy and development centres in the Netherlands, Israel and Italy. Groeneveld delivers automatic greasing systems, Oilmaster oil management systems and Greensight active safety systems, both for the aftermarket as well as original equipped to a large number of leading manufacturers of trucks, trailers, buses and earth-moving and construction equipment. GreenCat, also a Groeneveld Group Company, delivers integral IT solutions for transport and logistics, ranging from telematics to transport management systems and terminal operator systems.

At home in numerous markets
Under the name of Groeneveld Transport Efficiency, the company initially mainly focused its activities on the road transport sector with products such as automatic lubricating systems, air dryers, vehicle heaters, speed-limiting devices, roof spoilers and radiator shutters. Although road transport is still globally an important market for Groeneveld even today, the company has by now also obtained established positions in other sectors with automatic lubricating systems, Oilmasters and Greensight safety systems. Products of Groeneveld are applied in the bus and coach sectors, in earth-moving and construction transport, on trains, on material for railway maintenance and in the industrial and the agricultural sectors.

Products and applications
In the Groeneveld Experience Center products of Groeneveld are shown in their various applications on trucks and machines. For instance, the Twin 3 heavy duty double-line automatic lubricating system is to be seen on a Caterpillar wheel loader, the compact XS lubricating system on a Volvo mini excavator and the popular CompAlube lubricating system on a DAF XF105. The Oilmaster is shown on a Caterpillar aggregate, an excellent application for this oil management system that automatically keeps the engine oil at the correct level. The Greensight safety system with new Groeneveld camera is, among other things, to be seen on the DAF XF105, the Caterpillar wheel loader and a Linde fork-lift truck. Additionally, the Experience Center shows all Groeveld and GreenCat products by making use of interactive displays. Of course, there is also room for presentations, a lounge and a spacious bar, making sure that the guests are given every opportunity to have themselves informed in an ambiance that may be expected of Groeneveld.