ZF Dual-cam Two Lens Camera for Commercial Vehicles

The camera features ZF’s longitudinal and lateral vehicle control expertise combined with Mobileye’s advanced EyeQ4 processor.

Zf Dual Lens Camera
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ZF has developed the Dual-cam two lens camera for the commercial truck market.

  • Designed for use with other ZF ADAS technologies  
  • Part of ZF’s S-Cam4 family of automotive grade cameras
  • Helps meet varying global regulatory requirements
  • Delivers advanced functions such as Traffic Sign Recognition, Lane Keeping Assist and Centering, and object and pedestrian detection to enable Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)
  • Second lens aids advanced functions, ensuring objects and pedestrians can be seen beyond what a standard mono-camera with 52-degree field can provide
  • Second lens enables redundancy for Level2+ functions – if one lens becomes blinded or non-functional the second lens helps ensure camera can still operate due to multiple optical paths  
  • Features best-in-class optical performance and enhanced fusion envelope
  • Combination with full suite of ZF’s ADAS technologies such as forward looking and corner radar enables automated functions like lane change assist and traffic jam assist
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