Sy-Klone RadialSHIELD HEPA Filter

The RadialSHIELD HEPA filter is capable of arresting microscopic dust and providing an additional layer of air quality protection against nanoparticles and viruses.

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The Sy-Klone RadialSHIELD HEPA filter provides OEMs and machine owners a new filter option for protecting worker air quality and supporting safety initiatives to reduce occupational exposure to dust, debris, and harmful respirable particulates.

  • Arrests microscopic dust
  • Provides additional layer of air quality protection against nanoparticles and viruses
  • 99.95% efficient at stopping COVID-19 and influenza-sized particles
  • Features increased filter efficiency and ability to arrest smaller particles compared to traditional HEPA filters
  • Improved durability protects filter media from harsh work environments and promotes sustained performance
  • Provides better sealing capabilities that prevent harmful particulates from bypassing the filter
  • Meets engineering controls and performance requirements outlined in operator enclosure air quality standard ISO 23875
  • Effective on common worksite contaminants like asbestos, silica and coal dust, as well as smaller particles like toxic diesel soot (diesel particulate matter or DPM)
  • Lower restriction to airflows than traditional HEPA filters which provides operational benefits
  • Designed to be more durable, as well as vibration- and drop-resistant 

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